I enjoyed working on the subway project and learning more about Environmental Graphics. I’ve decided to work again with environmental graphic design for my Final Major Project, this time exploring how they might be used in the London Underground.

How can environmental graphic design enhance the ‘passenger experience’ of the London Underground?

The ‘experience’ I’m trying to get at is the ’emotional’ one. London Underground uses art and design to   “create an environment for positive impact and to enhance and enrich the journeys of … passengers.” and Paul Williams of Stanton Williams Architects, believes that “Environment is key to stimulate our senses. It is key for our imagination. To be in an environment we feel part of  is the definition of being alive.” The underlying ambition of the project is to imagine how environmental graphics can be used to create the sort of environment Williams is referring to.

The plan is to pick out several different spots on the underground network to work with. I will need to research the current interactions between passengers and space, find out the opinions of commuters and what they think might enhance the space and understand how our environment affects us. Research will involve a lot communication between passengers that use the tube and I will need search for theoretical references and ideas to back-up my work.


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